Do you want to go on an epic quest to uncover the magic of coding? Seize the chance to learn about web development and get a scholarship or an internship.

Every Monday for four weeks (October 13th - November 7th), you’ll get assignments from our top developers and a chance to solve them in the best way you know.

We’ll meet with all participants every Friday to discuss the assignments and hang out at our house/office.

What’s in it for you?

  • Winning prize, a 900kn monthly scholarship for one year
  • Chance for an internship
  • Get to know how we work
  • Meet our development team members & other participants
  • Learn more about coding, best practices, Facebook apps, various APIs and other web-related technologies totally free
  • Have a free coffee&snacks at our house/office


  • Full-time student status
  • Knowledge of PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, HTML, CSS
  • Any other knowledge is a bonus
  • Availability to work on assignments and attend meetings from October 13th till November 7th
We'll do our best to give you some insight into what we've learned over the years, best and worst case scenarios, the fun stuff...
Tony Mrakovčić Lead Developer


Learning by doing is what Sponge is all about.
It’s an educational project in which Degordian helps you, students and future professionals, step into the world of grown-ups through lectures and practical assignments.

Location: Degordian Headquarters, Srebrnjak 36, Zagreb

If you have some questions read our FAQ


Who can apply?

Student developers interested in new challenges and knowledge on web development.

When will the task be released?

We’ll put the task on our web page every Monday morning for four weeks starting October 13th.

Where do I solve the tasks?

Anywhere you feel most comfortable to solve the task in the best way you can.

How much time does a task require?

We believe one hour should be enough time to solve a task.

What will the tasks look like?

Like a good developers riddle! It's all about thinking hard and getting to the bottom of it.

Which skill do I need for solving tasks?

Knowledge of web technologies (php, html, css, javascript, etc.) and logical thinking.

When is the deadline for submitting my solution to the task?

Deadline is on Thursday until midnight every week.

What will happen every Friday?

We will gather in our office in Zagreb to comment the task and solution, share our knowledge and give a short lecture. After that we'll have time for questions and hanging out.

What if I can't attend lectures in Zagreb?

Unfortunately, in that case we can't consider you for the scholarship. :/
But you can play with us and test your knowledge by solving the tasks!

How can I contact you?

Email us on sponge@degordian.com

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See you in Degordian.
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